Options for the Ram 3500 Powertrain

While Ram spent decades under the Dodge car marque, in 2010 it launched its own independent brand, offering rugged trucks designed for work and play. The Ram 3500 is a popular heavy-duty pickup truck from the car manufacturer's lineup of vehicles, capable of hauling cargo, towing loads and navigating off-road trails with ease.

The 6.7-liter diesel engine packs plenty of power for any kind of job, delivering 385 horsepower and up to 930 pound-feet of torque. Never experience a lack of power when you're traveling uphill with a heavy load and need to pass the car ahead of you. Fully loaded, the Ram 3500 can still deliver the acceleration you require at freeway speeds.

Choose between a manual or automatic transmission, both offered in a six-speed option. The manual transmission is configured with hauling in mind, delivering plenty of torque in the lower gears where it's most useful. The optimized automatic transmission moves smoothly between gears with no loss of power.



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